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产品描述:聚丙烯巨箭jukam g-922 PP专用使用了专门用于PP塑料合成树脂单组分胶粘剂。

Product Description: Polypropylene giant arrow jukam g-922 PP special use for PP plastic synthetic resin single component adhesive.

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No irritation odor, environmental protection, no need to deal with the surface of the material, after bonding, can be cured at room temperature, positioning time is moderate, high bonding strength! Good weather resistance, good acid and alkali resistance! And transparent, colorless, does not affect the appearance of the product! Commonly used in PP, plastic, metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, cloth, leather and other materials bonding. Due to moderate drying time, coating performance is good, suitable for medium and large area bonding!







Operating instructions: The first step: surface treatment: surface treatment, first of all to remove the material surface of the oil or dust. The

The second step: sizing: divided into single-sided double-sided sizing

Sizing two: single-sided adhesive (glue to be coated with a little thick layer) so that both sides of the pressure tight!

Double-sided adhesive: double-sided coating (glue can be coated with a little thin layer), dry for about 5-8 minutes until the hand contact colloid, sticky hand, but not stretched properly, and then bonding, pressing, so that both sides close Together

Single-sided double-sided adhesive and contrast: single-sided adhesive can save glue, simplify the process, improve production efficiency, but the full curing time is longer than the double-sided adhesive bonding strength slightly worse.

The third step: curing: adhesive immediately have a certain strength, 24 hours completely cured, do damage test!