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巨箭的g-955ps专用胶产品描述> jukam g-955 PSJujian特种树脂。PC、PS、HIPS、粘接ABS,PVC,PMMA,GP,作为和其他硬胶粘贴或相互粘连,经室温固化的自然键,定位时间快,固化后的胶粘剂,完全的白色,不溶不熔、防水、防腐、防锈性能。

Giant arrows g-955ps special glue Product Description> jukam g-955 PSJujian special resin. PC, PS, HIPS, bonding ABS, PVC, PMMA, GP, as and other hard glue paste or mutual adhesion, the room temperature curing natural bond, positioning time fast, curing adhesive, complete white, insoluble , Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust performance.


Giant arrow g-955ps special glue work instructions, the first step: surface treatment, should first remove the oil or dust surface of the material. The second step: sizing, sizing should be uniform thickness, in place, leaving no bonding blind spot. The third step: glue immediately after the rapid bonding pressure, so that both sides close fit! Step 4: fit, immediately have a certain strength, about 2 hours dry surface, 24 hours after the test the best strength!


90ml /枝,1公斤/桶,3公斤/桶,15公斤/桶

Giant arrow g-955ps plastic package,

90ml / stick, 1 kg / barrel, 3 kg / barrel, 15 kg / barrel



Giant arrows, g-955ps glue, storage and quality>, stored in a cool dry place! Away from fire Placed in places where children are not accessible!

There is a shelf life of 6 months.